Studio Information

When your appointment is set a confirmation email will be sent. First time clients will also receive an email with a request to complete a client intake form. 

Clients will be contacted for a pre-session health assessment before each appointment by phone or email. If no contact can be made this assessment will be done during your session time.

Please arrive close to your scheduled appointment time. Do not enter the studio until I have prompted you. Please have your mask on before entering the studio.

Cloth or disposable fitted face masks are appropriate. If you need a mask, please ask. I have disposable face masks that can be purchased for $1. Mask sale proceeds will be donated to a local food pantry.

Mask use in prone position (face down) will not be required as the face cradle will have a cloth "sling" below the opening.

Bring as little as you can into the studio. Please place all personal items on the sitting bench (purse, wallet, checkbook, phone, glasses, jewelry, etc.), do not put anything on the floor other than shoes.

There is no public bathroom in the studio, please take care of these needs before arriving.

CDC guidelines for sanitation will be followed.

If I show any apparent COVID-19 symptoms, influenza symptoms, common cold or any other communicable disease I will call to reschedule.  I expect clients to return that same courtesy. 

If you come to the studio and appear ill you will be sent home.

If you are a high-risk client, please consult with your healthcare provider before making an appointment if you have any concerns. I am not a medical doctor and cannot answer questions as to the safety of massage therapy for high-risk individuals.

These underlying conditions place you at higher risk (COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC):

People 65 years or older, Chronic lung disease, Moderate to severe asthma, Heart conditions, Compromised or suppressed immunity, Severe obesity (BMI 40 or higher), Diabetes, Chronic kidney disease, Liver disease

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding appointments or safety at the studio.


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